Environmental Reporting

Businesses in Ontario and across Canada are facing an increasingly complex tangle of annual reporting obligations. Pinchin completes hundreds of these reports every year, working with your facility's, production, and environmental teams to make sure your reporting obligations and deadlines are met. Annual reporting programs include:

  • National Pollutant Release Inventory – Environment Canada’s NPRI program lists over 250 contaminants. Facilities that manufacture, process, otherwise use or release any of the listed contaminants in an amount exceeding reporting thresholds must file an online report by June 1.

  • Ontario Regulation 127/01 – The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change requires facilities in designated industries that use more than 3,000 kg of acetone annually to report air releases online by June 1.

  • ChemTRAC – Toronto Public Health has 25 priority substances that must be assessed. The program sets low reporting thresholds aimed at receiving substance use and release information from small to medium size businesses operating in Toronto.

Thousands of companies are impacted each year, and data is made publicly available. It is important that your emissions are accurately estimated and submitted. Pinchin has actively worked with teams across all levels of government in the development and review of these programs. Our proven knowledge will simplify your data collection and reporting process, and make sure reports are completed properly the first time.