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Sewer Discharge & Wastewater - City of Toronto By-Laws

Businesses discharging to municipal sewer systems are required to meet local discharge By-laws. For example, organizations operating in the City of Toronto must meet the requirements of the City of Toronto By-Law No. 457-2000, to regulate the discharge of sewage, process water, and surface stormwater runoff.

Industry sectors that meet specific criteria are required to develop a Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan and provide regular reports to their municipality. P2 Planning focuses on anticipating and preventing pollution through material substitutions, process improvements and enhanced operating practices. These practices not only help a business meet their legal obligations, but have the potential to result in significant cost savings through reduced waste disposal costs, increased process efficiency, and reduced raw material usage.

Pinchin’s services include:

  • Sampling and identification of source pollutants, including complete inventories

  • Preparation and implementation of pollution prevention plans

  • Development of environmental management programs

  • Incorporation of pollution prevention in Environmental Management Systems

  • Coaching or facilitating cross-functional teams in the pollution prevention process

  • Provision of training programs and workshops to staff